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WFP was founded in 1983, as the Contra War raged in Nicaragua. We established an ongoing presence there and sent U.S. citizens to accompany the Nicaraguan people in war zones and to document the “human face” of the Reagan Administration’s military policy. WFP led the way in bringing the brutal facts of those policies home to the U.S. public through grassroots education and large-scale media outreach. During this initial period, WFP established its successful model of merging the powerful forces of on-the-ground documentation, assertive media strategies, a dynamic delegations program, and stateside grassroots mobilization.

Through the years, WFP has answered prophetic calls to accompany people most affected by harmful U.S. policies and corporate practices. Currently, our “witness” is sited in Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia. We document the human costs of unfair trade and military policy, transform U.S. citizens who travel with us to our sites, and mobilize a motivated grassroots network of nonviolent, faith-based activists who hold policymakers accountable and work for positive change.

In the past twenty years, WFP developed and maintained an energized nationwide base of 15,000 members, sent more than 10,000 people to Latin American and the Caribbean on short-term transformative delegations, and sustained a highly skilled team of international volunteers in our program sites abroad.

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We commit ourselves to nonviolence in word and in deed as the essential operating principle of Witness for Peace

We commit ourselves to honesty and openness in our relationships with one another

We commit ourselves to a prayerful (reflective), spiritual approach and to unity with one another as the foundations for this project

We commit ourselves to be responsible and accountable in our actions to the community of which we are a part and to the principles of leadership which have been established

We commit ourselves to maintaining the political independence of Witness for Peace

We commit ourselves to act in solidarity and community with the Latin American and Caribbean people, respecting their lives, their culture, and their decisions. We will respect the suggestions of our hosts with regard to our presence and mobility in another land
* We commit ourselves to record our witness and, upon return, to share our experience with the North American people through the media, public education, and political action.